Ibrahim's 25g Mixed Reef Build

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Apr 19, 2011
Washington DC
So I've decided I'm going to set up a pico. I've got 7 pounds of base rock from BRS I had from my old 10 gallon that i took down because of algae issues and such and 1-2 pounds of cured live rock from my reef tank. I've got my formation/ rockscape for the tank ready. I also bought an aqueon 10-20 filter as well as 5 pounds of sand, Bio-Spira, and 2 pounds of live sand from my 2 year old FOWLR. The tank I bought is similar to the TOM's Deco 3 gallon but mines is just slightly longer and wider. The tank should arrive tomorrow according to Fedex. It comes with an 18w Compact florescent 50/50 actinics. Im planning on buying a power head and a background this week. I'm going with the fish less cycle which Im hoping shoudn't be too long because of Biospira (Had success with it before so trying it again), cured rock, seeded filter cartridge, and live sand. I can't decide between a black or dark blue background. My stock im planning for this tank is
-5 nassarius snails
-2 large nerites
-1 coral banded shrimp or Cleaner shrimp
-1-3 sexy shrimp
-5 blue legged hermit crabs
-5 red legged hermit crabs
- Emerald or Sally light foot crab
-and a clown goby.
I haven't decided on coral but i know I won't have SPS and if I do it'll probably be only one acro or monticap which should work under my lighting if on the top. Pics uploading now so......
This is the stand I'm going to be using and the rock scape. I left space on the right side for the live rock which I'm adding when the tank arrives. Also don't bash on me about the gold fish as they are only there for a max of 3 days before they are eaten by my triggers and lionfish
Cool! A Coral Banded will make a meal of any other shrimp you have in the tank, so if you get him, make sure he is the only shrimp. :)
I have a very large Coral Banded Shrimp and a Cleaner Shrimp in the same tank for quite awhile....they have zero interest in each other. Keep smaller shrimp out perhaps....
Yea...then I may just leave the coral banded shrimp out instead add 2 peppermint shrimp
I need help finding a powerhead for the tank. Is a 240 koralia too much?? Im looking for something around 150gph
I got the tank today and love the light but it's gotta go because it's a bit too small for my aquascape. I'm picking up a tank from the LFS today though and if I can't find one then I'll just keep the 4 gallon
KLehman72 said:
I gotta tell you....I don't think you can put any powerhead in a 4 gallon tank with sand. There just isn't enough volume and you'll blow sand all over

Go online to Drsfosterandsmith and look at the Azoo palm filter.I had two,one on each side of my 3 gallon Pico and they gave me good flow.They only cost like $9.00.
K cool. So I'm returning the 4g as I actually got a 2g smh....... But I bought a 5 gallon I liked at petsmart. It's about 16" long so I am thinking of getting a 24w Compact fluorescent 50/50 actinics fixture.
Ok so I got the tank filled with sand and rock and I'm going to use the filter the tank came with till the water clears up then add my aqueon afterwards so the impeller isn't ruined as I could care less for the cheap in tank filter lol. I noticed it looks a lot like an overflow too hmm maybe it could be modified into one?
Tank is finally set up. SG a bit low so im mixing some salt. Added some shrimp but not the Bio-Spira because my SG is 1.010
Don't go too nuts adding salt...it takes some tome to stabilize in a new setup. Some of your salt may be concentrated in your sand bed. Check salinity daily and only adjust no more than once a day. You are going to let this cycle before adding LS right?
No i added the live sand already but im going to add another poind after the cycle as well as 2 pounds of cured live rock. I pre mixed salt before for water changes on my 55 and 75. And I had about 4 gallons left over which had SG 1.010 I added about 2.5 gallons and 2.5 cups of salt. The SG now is 1.024
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