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Jun 11, 2003
Massachusetts usa
hey everyone i have a 55 establ;ished reef with 80 lbs LR with 2 fish my tomato clown and my coral beauty both with ich. my tomato clown spread to my coral beauty. now i dont have a QT tank and will this parasite die on its own will ? or is there any effect with the fish such as sickness and death ?
No the parasite won't go away on it's own. If it were only that easy. And yes, there is a chance it will kill the fish. I would suggest getting a cheap ten gallon and QT'ing the fish. This is the best way to treat them. The main tank will have to stay fallow for 6-8wks to kill off any parasites there as well. And I would suggest a product like Cupramine to treat the fish. Using any kind of copper meds in your main tank is NOT advised.
thanks everyone so it look my an hour to get my tomato clown out of the tank for it loves to hide in the heavily defended established reef. now onto the coral beauty ...
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