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Dec 24, 2003
After a long hiatus (11+ years) I am back.

I Use to be extremely active here and one of the mentor/moderators. Now I am relearning ing the ropes.

I started fish husbandry in 1988 while in college. Made.many mistakes early on like many. It lasted 20 years until I had to give up my reef tank in 2008 due to a deployment.

Spent the first 15+ years in freshwater. Not many breeds I did not try. Loved cichlids, with my crowning achievement breefi g Angel's and then a par of discus before converting to salt.

I retire from the Army after 30+ years in a few months and as of today I own and aquarium again.

I am currently living in a small condo so I picked up the Fluval Flex 9 gal. Set it up for freshwater plants. Maybe a pair of rams someday or just a few tetras. Started with a beta for the cycle. Will give it a few months to add some more plants before I make any fish changes after I remove the beta.

Want to do my research before I go much farther to see what has changed. When I last raised plants I injected CO2. Led lights are new to me.

Need to add a heater before I do any other fish. There was not much of a selection at the store. I see Fluval recommends a 50w, but was thinking a 25w with the small size of the tank.

Look forward to catching up on what is new and validating my tried and true methods

See you around the forums.



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Thank you for your USA Army service and the AA service too.

Welcome back to the aquatic world!

That is a pretty style tank! Very exciting newish stuff in the last 11 years. Like LED lighting, saves so much in electrical usage!

And Bucephalandra aka Buces, similar in care as Anubias. Many colors and sizes and leaf shapes.

And wow, what a difference a few years makes in the colors variations and tails options of Bettas!!!
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