IM Fusion Lagoon 25 Owners---- What skimmers is Installed and refuge light?

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Sep 10, 2021
Hey......starting up a IM Fusion Lagoon 25g.....still cycling.....

Still searching for a protein skimmer to buy that I can be confident will fit the #2 rear chamber......they have one on each side, both are the same size....approx. 4"W x 3"D x 11.5" H

Are there any skimmers that fit this chamber other than the IM skimmers...which I would go with ideally if they were in stock any where.

So much conflicting info out there on what fits and doesn't.....If anyone has suggestions, please specify the exact model you have and if you had to make modifications to make it work.....

I'm not really interested in a hang on outside skimmer or one to go in the main tank display......

Ideally I wanted a skimmer in one #2 chamber and a refuge in the other #2 chamber

Which brings up another question for IM Lagoon owners.....what are you using for a refuge light? I saw some that attach on the outside of the tank.....but does that mean I have to remove the black backing for the light?
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