Skimmer fills up when I cut the sump pump off? Need help

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Sep 10, 2021

I can't figure this out but I'm sure others have had the same problem......
this is a new tank and I'm a rookie at this....

I've got a 25g IM Fusion Lagoon with the mighty jet pump that comes with it in the middle sump chamber.....a new Icecap Nano K1 skimmer in the #2 chamber on one side......separate from the main pump.

the skimmer can be set just fine, with foam low in the's not really making anything now, I really have it running open to start the break-in process.

My problem is when I cut the mighty jet pump off for feeding, my Icecap skimmer immediately starts filling with water. Its sitting about 8" down into the #2 chamber. It fills the cup 1/2 way up real quick before I have to unplug the skimmer.....not sure if it would stop filling or overflow it. It does this every time I cut that main pump off for feeding.

What's the solution? This must have something to do with the pump pressures I'm guessing? when I cut that main pump off I don't see any difference in the sump water level or anything like that......

Have I got to put these on a separate switch or timer and cut them off together? or am I setup wrong?

I haven't seen this problem mentioned anywhere before......:(:confused:
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