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Seasick Sausage

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Jan 10, 2013
Sheffield, UK
Hello to you all,
Joined the community today and had a message welcoming me and suggested i should introduce myself and say what i hope to get out of joining.
I joined because i've got an up and running (5 weeks) large aquarium but feeling a bit out of my depth and looking for advice on quite a few subjects and problems i'm having with the tank and stock. I had an aquarium for years in my early teens (more than 20 years ago!) and cant remember it been no where near as complicated as it is now.
When i've had a proper look through the site i'll know where to post what questions where, and so i look forward to hearing your advice and guidance,
Welcome to Aquarium Advice! :) If I am correct, I think the advertisements go away once you log in, not sure though. :)
Welcome! Ask away! There are a lot of very knowledgable people on this board!
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