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Cecil Mayberry

Aquarium Advice Newbie
Dec 13, 2023
Madison Heights Virginia
I had aquariums back in the 80s.
And now I am getting back into it. I started my aquariums January 2023. I know a lot has changed since I was doing this in the eighties. I have a 10 gallon a 55 gallon and a 125 gallon. They are all set up and cycled and have fish in them. Just wanted to join to see what I can learn. Thanks for letting me join. Have a good day.
Hi and welcome. :flowers:
Yeah, some things have changed since the 80s but the basic concepts of fish keeping remain the same, just the equipment to do them have changed. (y) I'm still using things from the 60s that worked for me then and still work today. Don't let a good sales pitch make you waste your money on the latest greatest invention. :whistle: ;)

I just wanted to say hi, I have not been on aquarium forums for awhile, it's nice to be here!
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