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May 7, 2003
Hello I have a 225 gallon with a 40 gallon sump. SUmp measures 40l x13w x14 tall.

I am wondering what kind of heater(s) I can use in the sump and how do I install them. Does the whole thing need to be submerged. I was looking at the Jager TS but couldn't find that info.
The website I checked says that heater is submersible. The general rule is 2.5W of heater per gal of water. Other factors to include though is how much heat your lighting will introduce as how much heat your pump might introduce.

I would go with a pair of 250W heaters. This would give you just under the 2.5W per gal and if you you have MH lighting then you will have heat comming off of those aswell to warm the water.

I would just lay them in the sump horizonal. No need for them to be veritcal or anything.
Thanks, my sump wont fit them horizontal so I amy have to get like 4 of the smaller ones.
True. I will cut a piece of 1 "pvc the length of the 250 watt and see if I can fit it in. Thanks for the response.
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