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Oct 10, 2003
Kentucky, USA
Well, I figure before I go asking questions I should introduce myself here. I've been lurking around the forums for about a month and a half. While doing a lot of different Google searches on aquarium related things, these forums came up a lot. So before I knew it was coming here to look up things all the time. Lately I've been trying to pay at least one visit a day just for the heck of it.

I just got into aquariums about 3 months ago. I've always liked water related things, though. Right now I have 3 small tanks.

10 Gallon:

1 Red Cap Oranda goldfish
1 I-Don't-know-what goldfish :D
1 Aponogeton plant
1 Small Anacharis plant

Yes, I know too small for goldfish. I think of it this way: if they get bigger I'll get a bigger tank for them.

1.5 Gal Hex:

1 Red Male Betta

Not my fish per-se, but I do take care of it.

1.5 Gal Hex #2:

1 Blue Male Betta
1 African Dwarf Frog
1 Snail (which I think may be dead)
1 Small Aponogeton plant (but growing)

Just added the frog and snail Thursday.

Well now that the intro is out the way, I think I'll head to the Freshwater / Brackish forum to ask a question about my new frog. :)
Howdy seven and welcome to Aquariumadvice. My name is Allivymar and I suffer from MTS ;)

You've stumbled across one of the better forums on the web. I belong to a few of em, and have to say this place really feels like home. Hope it does for you too!

It's great to have you aboard ;)
:) Makes us feel good to hear things like that seven.

I hope you can find the help you need in the FW forums.
Well to make you feel even better, one thing I forgot to mention is that the searches turned up other aquarium related forums. The difference, though, is that the other ones were kind of trashy. Odd forum versions that weren't the greatest to navigate or even look at, and popup as well as other obnoxious ads. The reason I kept coming back here is because it seems to be a classy place without the obnoxious ads. The advice here is definitely better than other forums I've checked out, as well. :)

Oh and as I said in my frog question thread, it seems my snail is alive afterall. When I woke up this morning it was on the glass instead of sitting at the bottom. I guess it was just getting used to the water?
Welcome Seven,
IMO, your right,This is the best fish forum on the net.
It is FULL of wonderful people that care about fish and are willing to help you with ANY problems or questions you have.
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