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Dec 14, 2023
Orange County CA
I live in Orange County CA, and have a 10-gal freshwater tank. I had 1 African Dwarf Frog, 4 Fancy Guppies, and a Tiger snail. All appeared to be doing well, then all but the frog and 1 guppy died. I added 1 guppy, a blue snail, and another little frog. The frog I'd had for awhile seemed to be harassing the tiny frog and new snail. The next morning the new frog just raised up, flipped on its back and died. So far the snail seems ok. I thought African Dwarf Frogs are peaceful and friendly and he'd like a tankmate? Any suggestions?
Are you 100% sure its an african dwarf frog? They are often african clawed frogs misold as dwarf frogs.

Frogs and fish are typically not a good mix.
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