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Sep 30, 2020
Hello my name is Ines (Nes, nesi, ect)
I've had 2 males bettas for about 3 years in a divided tank, they both recently died (Banana died in April 14 2020, Beatle died 9/11/2020) The deaths of my buddies inspired me to get more involved in my hobby! I learned so much when i noticed Beatle was sick and i was scrambling to heal him back to normal. He was an older fish, grey beard an all and although he didn't make it, I realize how little i knew about the hobby and how many things i was doing wrong! I'll be posting a youtube video on my failed journey to healing Beatle back to health very soon (Nesi TV):( I now have a community tank with new fish (All listed in the "About me" section) and naturally lots of questions that i just cant seem to find answers to! I'm hoping my fellow aquarium hobbyists can help and vice versa!
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