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Jan 16, 2011
Hi everybody, so long story short I'm in love with inverts! they are so cool :)
I am looking to pick up some more but I'm running out of ideas of what to get!

so far I have a candy pistol shrimp, 2 cleaners and 1 fire shrimp, hermit crabs, 2 porcelain crabs, 1 sexy shrimp, 1 clam, 3 anemones, and 3 nasarrius snails.

post pics of your lovely inverts and inspire me please! :) i will post mine as soon as i get home :) thank you fellow invert lovers!
i agree fire shrimp are the pinnacle of inverts lol i named my calcifer. as far as adding more inverts i think the only thing u are missing would be some kinda urchin or sea slug
I have a Fire Shrimp, 2 Cleaners, and an Emerald. Of course there are also the corals, snails and hermits. Oh, I also have a Peppermint Shrimp. Here are some pictures of some of my inverts! :)


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i love that your emerald crab is somewhat in the open :) i think I might pick one of them up again
Here are some pics of my inverts:





very nice tank shot, looks so pleasing. I was actually thinking of getting one fancy hermit crab :) just because it'd be too expensive to get a bunch
Get a pom pom crab. They are awesome unless you have a 50+ gallon tank, then youll never see them. Teddy bear crabs are awesome too, but its possible they will mess with your anemones. You could also get yourself a small cuttlefish, some Lfs sell them and they are extraordinarily interesting
i love my feather dusters and my emerald crabs don't have a pic of them but will try and get one

I see my pom pom about once a month and at night only. Hope you have a nice pistol... they do kill other shrimp and small fish if given the opportunity.
I love my 2 cleaner shrimp. More like puppies than anything. I also have 2 deer cowries, and a tiger cowrie. It's cool looking with the red light and seeing a boulder moving around. But, my favorite is my staghorn hermit(claw kong), he's the only hermit I can hold in my hand and feed by hand. Took a lot of months and being pinched several times to get him like that, but it's super neat.

Where are the mantis shrimp folks at in this thread.
Hi nice pictures btw, I would like to get a boxer shrimp but iv been told by ppl that they can't be kept with fire shrimps and cleaner shrimps witch I have one of each. I would be nice to hear other ppls opinions on this topic
I love watching anemone crabs :) I'll post pics of my cleaner and hopefully my emerald after work today.
dragoneye said:
i love my feather dusters and my emerald crabs don't have a pic of them but will try and get one

I agree on feather dusters. Mine have multiplied and I have a ton in my one biocube. Deff adds to the tank :)
here are a favorite too these little stars not sure what they are called but they are great cleaners


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