is it dead?

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Dec 9, 2005
Tyler, TX
i have had this coral since i started sw. it looked like the first pick untul i moved and then it became really hot and the tank was pretty hot. i also lost another coral, but my button polyps and shrooms are as good as ever. now the coral looks like the second pic. it went white and shrank into a small ball you see now. now it has what looks like the polyps(i think thats what they are called) are sticking up and slightly brown. it isn't feathery like before just bumps. when i touch it they go down. it turned white back in august, i figured it would have rotted away, but itis still there. what should i do? if it is still alive how can i help it get better? thanks i really hope its still alive i liked it alot. thanks again.


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oops first time posting pics. it looked like last pic first. now it looks like first two.
What is your calcium reading at. It almost looks bleached. You might have to do an iodine dip. Let`s see what the advisors say.
I would not do anything to add to its stress at this point in time. Make sure it is a place that has good flow around it and just leave it be.
My toadstool bleached like that after it was acclimated to the tank. It looked really bad. I thought it was dead but about 2 weeks later it came out and has been fine ever since. Do not add anything just be sure water parameters are good.
should i put it right in the flow of my powerhead? right now it on top of the lr, should it be so close to the light? i was hoping in is still alive. thank you
If the coral is bleaching the best place for it is in subdued light. Water flow should be non linear and not too brisk. If this is in your 10 gal, I would actually place it on the sandbed about the midway point away from the nearest flow device. One thing to be very sure of with these species is they hate to be moved or handled so once positioned, leave it be unless threatened. It can take several weeks for them to reacclimate after being moved/handled.

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