Is it safe? (Silicone on new tank question!)

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If you can poke a skewer through the gap then it's not acceptable. If there was silicon most of the way through and 1-2mm that got missed out, it's not a big deal but it sounds like someone really dropped the ball making those 2 tanks you got.

The plastic shouldn't be changing colour either. That's dodgy brothers incorporated.

I hate to say it but call Fluval again and tell them their stuff is crap. You can be polite about it if you like but I wouldn't be as polite to them as I would be to the Queen. :)
Thanks for your input an advice everyone! You all really helped me so much! I am so new and inexperienced, so I can't thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me! It helped me make a decision and I am feeling a lot better and more comfortable with the situation now! And also I have learned a lot along the way, which is invaluable.

I just want to do what's best and right (and definitely what's safest) for my new fishy friends. Since there's a question of safety, I definitely won't be using that aquarium. I will be transparent about the silicone issue, and try to find a buyer that's comfortable with resealing it or maybe use it as a plant terrarium with a small amount of water in the bottom lol (a really expensive one xD) but either way... I will be looking into getting a different aquarium to actually use for my fish!

It's unfortunate I had an experience like this with a company like Fluval. I really did love the aquarium. It's beautiful and I chose it for a reason. But safety for our pets should always come first! Thanks again everyone! This is such a wonderful community. I hope I can continue to learn more so one day I too can share my knowledge with others and be helpful like you! I am really glad I found this forum! You all are the best! ^.^
I really think the issue is a bad batch of tanks. Fluval are a good manufacturer and this is the first issue ive heard with the flex tanks. I do think getting the same tank from a different supplier would solve the issue, but fluval have let you down with poor customer service and that would put me off going back to them if i where in your shoes.
I'm amazed the shop that sent you the second tank didn't check it before sending it out. If we ever had customers come back with faulty items, we checked the replacement item then and there to make sure it was perfect before giving it to them. The last thing a shop wants is to have a customer come back repeatedly with the same issue due to a bad batch of whatever they are buying.

You could fill the gap with silicon. Pick up a tube of aquarium silicon from a hardware store and squirt it into the gap. Wipe off the outside edge with your finger and let it dry.
I agree! I really thought they'd check it before sending it out to me too and I am equally shocked they didn't... but the dealer was being a jerk to me from the very start, which is why I was dealing with Fluval directly. Fluval actually had to intervene on my behalf to "reach an agreement" with the dealer to even get them to send me a replacement. And this was after 3 months of me convincing them (Fluval) there was an issue. Which they agreed with me at first, and then back peddled on when the dealer didn't want to honor their exchange policy (this is when I contacted a consumer affairs lawyer and rattled their cage a little and they finally reached an agreement) like I said- pulling teeth. The whole experience has just been.... less than stellar. And like you said, put me off towards going back to them. It really is unfortunate because before this experience I had chosen Fluval because I had heard such good things about them :(

I actually do have aquarium silicone... but I thought you couldn't do that without a complete reseal because the old silicone would repel the new stuff? Or would it work in this case? (I actually know like 0% about silicone lol)
If the current silicon is good and newish (not old and brittle), then you can apply new silicon and it should stick to the old stuff. The main issue is making sure the glass is clean and doesn't have oil or any sort of residue on it because that will stop the silicon sticking to the glass. You can wash the glass where it's going to be glued with washing up liquid and rinse it well with tap water. Let it dry for a day and then apply the silicon.

Wet the area of glass with water. Lather up some washing up liquid and use a sponge to soak and wash the seam that needs sealing. Rinse it off with tap water. Sponge more soapy water onto it and rinse off. Repeat 3-4 times then rinse off and dry with a paper towel. Allow it to dry for 24 hours then glue it.

Have the aquarium on a stand/ table outside when doing this so you don't drop the tank.
Oh I had no idea! Maybe I'll give that a go with the silicone! Or mention it to the person who's interested in buying the tanks (he said re-sealing isn't an issue for him either way).

As a point of interest, I went on a different seller's website from where I purchased my tanks and was reading the reviews... I saw a recent review from earlier this year from a customer who went through the exact same issues I did. Only they exchanged theirs twice, and the 3rd one they were sent leaked. So it's not just me, and not just that dealer apparently. Well, I just thought it was interesting! It might just be a totally random coincidence (I mean, these things do happen!) but it's interesting to know I'm not the only one anyway.
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