Is it time to dump my Coralife 4X65s ?

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May 25, 2005
Cherry Hill New Jersey
It looks like a need a new ballast for one of the actinics in the 4X65s.

I've heard from people that these are problem plagued lights.

Given that I want to stay FOWLRk, should I just keep dumping cash into these lights or switch to a hardier set.


Hmmm, I've been running a couple of 1x65w coralife fixtures for two years, and the only problem i had was one of the original coralife bulbs was flakey. once I replaced it, no issues.

Coralife IMO is a pretty reliable, durable product.

Do you need a new ballast, or is it the bulb? have you swapped bulbs to confirm its the ballast? (even swap the two actinics around and see if the problem persists, or if it doesn't simply follow the bulb, indicating a bad bulb).
I swapped the bulbs out several times but no go. My local fish guy already replaced the ballast on the same one that's out now (I think).

For some reason, he replaced the OEM black 4 pin end socket with a white fully enclosed 4 pin end socket. I've asked him why but he hasn't told me yet.

When you buy a new ballast, do you get the plug/socket as well? And where's the best place to buy these?


You m ight try - they have workhorse ballasts.

a lot of times ballasts come bare bones...just wires sticking out the end(s).

it could be the saltwater damaged the internals of the fixture. salt creep gets everywhere.

on my SW tank, i used ahsupply Bright Kits, and mounted my ballasts on top of the canopy, where salt really couldn't get to them.
one of my moonlight clusters died due to salt damage though.

I be that's why mine, over FW, are fine but yours has had issues.
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