Is there any differences between the fluval 405 and fluval 406?

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May 27, 2012
Is there any differences between the fluval 405 and fluval 406?

My 405 is a little damaged I kicked it and now it leaks but still works perfectly fine, but I want to get this fixed so I want to buy a new filter.
Iv found both the 405 and 406 for the same price so should I get the 406?
If it still works fine why buy a whole new filter instead of just buying a replacement part to fix the leak?

on a side note if it leaks i wouldn't call it working "perfectly" fine. lol
Yeah true bust I have no idea where to buy the big plastic case thing from, and anyway it's about 4 years old so I just wart to get a new one, close enough iv managed to seal the leak but I'm worried I'll come home with water all over the floor
Yeah I'll look in shops for one but I might struggle, I live in the uk so I won't buy that off the web site, but thanks for the link now I know you can actually buy them
Didnt know you were in the uk. might be able to ask one to order it for you if they dont stock it. can also try ebay. Is there an Amazon UK ?
Yeah there is an amazon I bought all my fluval media off there. I don't really use eBay but if I see one obviously I'd buy one.
I think I'm still going to buy a new one because it's not as good as it used to be, but I'll look around for a good price
The 406 will take the media from the 405, I'm running both on some of my tanks.

The only differences I've noticed is the 406 primes easier and is quieter. My hubby does the filter cleaning part of the tank maintenance since I can't lift them, but I think he said there is something different about the shut off to the in/out tubes.
Yeah the in and out tubes I think there stronger and it's easier to start up. That's good news I won't have to replace my media :)
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