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May 12, 2013
I build a 30" stand for my 36g bowfront, I sold it and I decided to pick up a 36x12x18 30g tank. I dont want to build another stand. Can I just put a 36" top and have a 3" overhang on either side? Something similar to whats pictured but not as drastic.

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I'd lay 2-36" 2x6 on the flat under the plywood. It's called a cantilever. .

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I'm guessing you're using 2x4?
Butt fix an extra length on each edge, that'll knock off 2" per side.
1" overhang, no problem.

(It looks like you've plenty stock in the background!)

Saying that, you might get away with this as is.
hmm maybe some gussets would support the overhang to give strength!. good luck :)
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