Is this okay to put on my tank.....

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Oct 14, 2004
I've got a 20H. I am really considering getting this light setup....

I have 1 65w coralife PC and a 15W actinic flourecent so it would be a BIG upgrade..... would it be to much or just enough

Coralife Aqualight Professional Series 24” plug-n-play fixture is here! Over 280 Watts of Light in one sleek and compact unit!!!

* Perfect for the aquarist who doesn’t like wiring, and is looking for a hood fixture ready to be placed over their tank.
* The 150W HQI lamp emits the highest light output per watt available this is preferred in most reef aquariums. The refracted light produces shimmering dappled-lighting effects that simulate properties of natural sunlight. Also very useful for freshwater planted tanks!
* A great unit from a reputable company, these powerful units are excellent for tanks in need of bright lighting.
* One high performance and industry proven XM/XDE metal halide bulb is included in the unit, your choice of crisp white 10,000K or blue/white 20,000K. Coralife 10,000K is also available as an option.
* 20,000K XM/XDE HQI lamp is excellent if you want a deeper blue look. 10,000K for a bright, crisp white look.
* Two Coralife 65 watt Actinic Blue square-pin compact fluorescent lamps included. Hellolights brand TRU Actinic 03, Blue 7,100K, 6,700K, 10,000 and 50/50 lamps can also be added as an option. This gives you the ultimate customizable options to meet your demanding needs, from advanced SPS aquarist to beginning plant enthusiast. No substitutions, you will get the Coralife Actinic lamps even if you order additional Hellolights lamps.
* Two 1 watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow 470nm LED lamps.
* One external electronic HQI metal halide ballast with on/off switches, 12-foot lamp cords and 6-foot power cords.
* Two on/off switches and two 12-foot power cords (one for two Actinic 03 Blue compact fluorescent lamps and one for two Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow 470nm LED lamps).
* Highly-polished reflectors.
* Built-in cooling fan.
* Sleek anodized black-aluminum housing.
* UV shielded glass built in.
* Acrylic compact fluorescent lens covers.
* Mounting Legs included.
* Unit Dimensions (approx): 24”L x 15"W x 2.75"H
* Lamp socket has deluxe spring-loaded type design!
UPC Code: 096316535022

Coralife’s revolutionary Aqualight ProTM light fixtures combine HQI Double-Ended Metal Halide lighting with two 65W Compact Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED lights in an ultra-sleek, fan-cooled unit that is only 2.75" high. 10,000 HQI Metal Halide lamps provide high-intensity, purified super-daylight that simulates the midday sun. Actinic 03 Blue lamps provide a blue light in the 420nm range that simulates the blue hue of deeper water. The Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED 470nm lights create rhythmic glittering and shimmering effects while promoting spawning cycles in corals and reef life. Backed by the proven quality of the Aqualight product line, these superb lighting fixtures allow you to Capture the Sun and now...the Moon.
I have a coralife setup but not with the metal halide lighting. I was able to connect the 10000k, blue actinic, and moon-glow on seperate timers so my lighting is all automatic. I ended up measuring my space inside the hood so I was sure it fit. With just those two types of bulbs it still puts off alot of heat.
If you are planning on turning it into a reef, that would be a great light.
It's not too much at all because you got a 20H tank and the light has to penetrate deeper.

I'm running 150W de(hqi) +32W act03 on my 14g which is only 12" high. My maxima's are on the sand and showing new shell growth, sps are getting bigger, and my BTA's are right under the MH.

Getting the MH lights will open up a lot of your choices in the live stock you can get.
thanks guys!!!

If I do get that setup am I going to need a chiller or will putting it on legs fix the heat problem?
put it on the legs and you should be all set. i have a similar feature over my 10g and i have no problem with the heat. it also has a built in fan to keep the hot air from remaining stagnant over the tank.

youll be so happy you upgraded :)
Before you invest in an expensive chiller I would try using a fan first. have the fan blow over the water surface to cool the tank. this will cause evaporation at a faster rate so keep up on the fresh water top-off.

The average distance from bulb to water surface is around 8". It said that if the MH is too close to the corals it can causes bleaching and burns.

Have you thought about what kelvin temp bulb you are going to get? That will have an impact on coral growth and color.
Thats a DE MH bulb, you need some form of tempered UV glass or UV inhibiting acrylic. Otherwise, lil Nemo (And corals) get cancer, film at 11.

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