It all started with the heater

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Mar 21, 2016
15 gal tank was perfect. Excellent readings, fish happy...then it happened. I woke up to find that something happened to the heater. It looked like something had exploded inside of it and there was a fine white powder on everything in the tank. I keep a large piece of driftwood, that always gave the water a light brownish look, which was nice. That color was gone. After I went to the store and bought another heater, I did a 50% water change and wiped down the inside glass because it had a white haze on it. That was 4 days ago. Tonite I tested the water, which still hasn't regained it's brownish color, and the ammonia levels are as if the tank is cycling again. Is that what's happening because of the large water change? Also, the driftwood is starting to get these white spots on it and the Assassins that were in the tank: their shells are starting to look calcified and one has died. I moved the other two to another tank. I've lost no fish...all are doing well and show no stress. Anyone know what might be going on?:huh:


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Really sorry to hear that. Maybe some kind of chemical? IMO if you have another tank to move the fish to that's what I would do until you get everything under control. And also maybe look into a better brand for your heater needs. What kind of heaters are they? I really like Aqueon heaters, they haven't failed me yet.
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