Jbj Nano light not working?

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Feb 4, 2007
Hey guys, on my jbj nano 12 gallon... the light will just not turn on. Ive done what i can... let me exaplain

the moonlight is working
i have changed the bulb, maybe the bulb went bad. still did not turn on.
the fuse is ok

i spoke to one of my buddies who said it could be the balance or something to that extent. Is this fixable?

any advice or suggestion
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Ballast could be bad. How old is the light and is it still under warranty?
I would say it is about 2 to 3 months old!

I'm not shure about the warranty... what is the balast

What should I do!?
The ballast is what fires/powers the bulbs. They usually last for years before quitting but it could be a loose wire or short also. since the tank is only 2-3 months old more then likely it's still under warranty but the ballast may not be covered. A qualified electrician can replace it fairly cheaply though.

Is this the nano unit you have? If not covered under warranty you can get a replacement ballast for $40
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