Nano tank question

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Jun 14, 2021
Advice for a Noob. Evo 13.5

I’m looking for answers on this as well. For nano tanks I feel there should be an easy button by now for theses tanks, but I haven’t found specific directions.

JBJ 12 gallon nano just acquired from someone who says the tank crashed. It was super dirty, running old 24w power compacts. Running Crushed coral in first chamber… second and third chambers empty. Small Xenia lived.

So far I vacuumed up all the sludge, shook the large rock of debris, water change 6 gallons, added filter floss to second chamber, wait 5 days another 6, 5 days another 4 gallon change. Replaced filter floss.

Added 4 snails, 1 lettuce nudibranch, 4 blue crabs.

Cynoalgae has clumped (not growing). Cleanup crew is hitting the Hair algae.

Have a ai prime 16hd and remora skimmer on the way.

I need confirming long term filtration plans.

Chamber 1 - filter floss, and crushed coral at bottom

Camber 2 - looking for submersible full spectrum light, cheato

Camber 3 - heater, pump skimmer?

I’ve seen seen videos of nanos that run large hang on box filter, with cheato and light. I think those were plane box without rear refuges unlike the JBJIMG_0646.jpg
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