Jebo R362kg fishtank

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Aug 19, 2009
Hi there, new to these forums.

Ive always had Aquaone tanks which i thought were pretty good. 3 months ago i bought a Jebo 100litre tank off a friend of a friends.

I thought everything would be pretty much the same as the aquaone, although it still makes me wonder how the filter works compared to the aquaone. This filter has a 'T' pipe on the side of it which im guessing sucks in water from one side and blows it out through the other side. Im wondering if this has any importance in the filteration? If im surpose to have any thing plugged into it or anything?

It works okay but it isnt as good as what i thought, the sucker has alot of waste not been sucked up around the bottom of it? Although the cotton wool gets dirty very fast so its probably doing its proper job.

But all i want to know is if there is any purpose of this 'T' piece that is built on the side of the filter.

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