July Freshwater Photo Contest

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July Freshwater Photo Contest

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May 16, 2002
Is it July already?

We only have two entries this month but both are great so good luck to everyone involved. This contest will run until July 9th. At that point the winner will be put on the front page and they will also be placed in the Winner photo category.

Pick the letter that coresponds with the photo below that you like best.
Photo A

very unfair both those pics are winners how do you pic just one :?
Sheesh, I'd love to enter these contests, but it seems that my choice in cameras will make the difference in wether or not I can win; Not the picture I take. Wow....excellent photos. The detail is amazing.
Oh I love "B". The color is amazing and what a cute fish! He looks like he's got such a personality.
Such a close race. Only three votes seporate the two. Every vote counts as it looks like this ones going to come down to the final wire.
i have to vote "b" as well, just cause he looks so much like my betta that i love!
i can not remember if i voted is it possible to check?
I can only see one photo. :cry: just like the last photo contest never did get to see photo C :( what is wrong i can see B but not A can someone help with this please
When photo contest end the non winning photos are removed and the winning photo is moved thus breaking the link. Any image that you might still see in an contest that has ended is because for some reson or another the photo was never removed.
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