Jump starting an AquaClear..

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May 16, 2005
San Jose, CA
Alright so I think I will be starting up a new tank in the next couple of weeks and I chose the AquaClear 110/500 as my filter. I currently have an Eheim Ecco up and running and I had the idea of taking some of the Ehfi Substrat Pro from the Eheim and using that in the AC media bag instead of the ceramic rings they give you. This is a sure way to speed up the cycle, correct? I've been doing research for most of the evening and it looks like I'll have 2 sponges + the substrat pro/whatever media is best in the AC.

Comments are welcome and appreciated. 8)
If you can, go ahead and get the AC 110 and run it in your tank until you get the new one set up. Then move the AC to the new one. I did that with my 10gal and moved it to the new 37gal and cycled in 1 week. Also moving anything from the established tank, plastic plants, substrate in a stocking or anything will help. Or if you have to wait to get the new setup all at once, then yes you have a good plan. If you run 2 sponges and the Bio-rings, you may have to trim the sponge down in height some.
Sounds like your reading the right pages on your research.
Definetly get your AC110 running on existing tank, like R&L said. I don't know if you can adjust flow rate with the AC110, but I would try to keep it down a bit, unless you want your tank to turn into a whirlpool :)
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