Just A Basic Lighting Question

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Yes. But I see you mention 40w. I have no idea where you would even get a 20k normal output fluorescent bulb. Maybe they make them...dunno. I used to order Philips TL 40w/03 RS "Aqua Coral" bulbs from my local electric supply for about $15 and you can go to HD or Lowes and buy a 65K daylight bulb for like $4.

As far as PAR on a normal output fluorescent....not much and I doubt anyone ever bothered to test them. There are PAR readings for T5's in that RC thread and PAR for MH on Sanjays site.
So, I don't have to buy any special bulb from my local fish store? I can purchase the same bulb from lowes or home depot?

Also, I plan on doing my new tank totally different than my old one. I plan on using a t-5 unit (after I research them). However, it's still good to know this information.

On my old tank (which is actually a 75 gallon) I'm using a 2 slot lid. Currently there are 2x420 Actinic blue bulbs in there. I need to exchange 1 of those bulbs out for a 65K bulb.....
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