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Mar 3, 2010
Portland, OR
Hello, I just wanted to introduce my self as a new user of the forum, I found this one today and found good information on it and decided to join. I usually just read but always wanted to contribute so decided to start. I live in Oregon for the past 20 years, but originally came from Ukraine.
I been around fish and aquariums since a little kid, but my own adventures didn’t start till about 1996 when I was 18. Took over my dads 29 gallon for a couple of years before starting to get my own tanks. Long story short, now I have 6 aquariums with 4 of them up and running and 2 in progress. I will post some pics of my set up later on.
Here’s the listing:
20 gallon standard: housing a medium size Oscar and 4 catfish(temporary)
25 gallon hex: housing 2 Frontosa and 3 N. Pulcher with 6 fry(temporary)
125 gallon 6 foot: high tech live plant with bunch of fish and discus
135 gallon 6 foot: Tanganyika community with DYI background
240 gallon 8 foot: Still in project stage
400 gallon 8 foot: Still in project stage

Didn't decide what fish I am going to keep in the project tanks yet, but I figured they are big enough for anything, and allot of it. Hoping to contribute to this site some of what I have learned from personal experience and other places like this.
At the same time I am working on my own blog type website where I write up info on my current set ups and projects, with pictures and video.
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Thank you for all your welcomes, I look forward to contributing little I know and hope it will help some one out. I still have allot I need to learn my self.
I just want to greet all of you a happy morning and HI to all members of AA. I am new here. Please guide me. Thanks. :)
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