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Oct 3, 2011
Queen Creek,AZ
I am very new to this. My first question to all of you is as follows. Is it ok to buy used equipment? I want to start off slow and buy a tank, stand and go from there
Check my post, everything I had was second hand or made my self and I think it turned out great. Just be carefull with lr from another tank it may come with pests.

Well I guess o need to be more specific, I am going to buy a used tank and used stand etc. I want to start with nothing other than equipment. I want to take my time and spend months building up and get ready for fish and more important coral. I don't want to use live rock. I want it to be only things I can do on my own, is that a bad idea?
Hi there and welcome to AA!

As for buying used items, it's definitely OK. Make sure you inspect the tank and stand before you purchase your items. For tanks specifically, inspect the braces as they are structural and not just for looks in larger tanks. Be wary of folks who use Vaseline to make scratches disappear in the tanks they're trying to sell off.

If you're going for a reef tank with corals, you really should use Live Rock. LR + circulation is the best filtration for reef tanks.

Check out the articles on AA in regards to starting off your tank:
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Thank you for your advice I am looking forward to getting started. I am going to buy a tank and parts soon. I am not going to try to hurry anything, and buy things without a plan on place so looking ahead it may be 3 months before I start to cycle a tank
Yup, no problem. Take your time planning your build. Looking forward to seeing your progression!
This sight is to cool all of you are so passionate about this and willing to help how can we fail?
Educate yourself before buying and you will save a lot heart ache and money that way. Figure out what kind of fish and corals you are wanting so you can decide what equipment you will want.

I have bought most all my equipment used. The only real thing I haven't bought used in all my tanks and that is powerheads. I am always looking for a good deal. I get my live rock from either local forums or off craigslist.
I am leaning towards Eco rock not live rock from bulk reef supply I don't think that I want anything other than the planning I come up with. Is that bad? I will have the time to let it grow
I am leaning towards Eco rock not live rock from bulk reef supply I don't think that I want anything other than the planning I come up with. Is that bad? I will have the time to let it grow

The Eco rock will work just fine. If possible, I'd recommend buying enough rock and/or buying other items you will need so that you can get free shipping.

I bought the Pukani rock off of BRS along with other things, and I love their rock. Super easy to work with.
Well I got me a 55gal tank a skimer canister filter, t5 light, bulbs, 40lb live sand 50lb substrate, UV steralizer, 300w heater.now just needing a stand and rock!
i got a tank and stand from a friend of a friend...and everything worked out great ( especilly since it was free :) ) just always check for leaks, cracks or anything else like that.
Yea all is good the tank still haves the tags on it. It has only been two days and I know I am not going to get a stand or rock for a week or two but am wanting to start. So close yet so far.
Consider building your own stand too, it's cheaper, allot more sturdy and you can get the size, finish, and shape exactly how you want.
I was thinking about doing that but I don't have the tools to do it. Well I guess all I don't have is a saw.
All I have is a 12v circular saw with a 5 inch blade. I bought all my lumber at Lowes and they cut it all to size for me. There only supposed to do 6 cuts for you, but I slipped the guy a ten and he cut everything for me. Even the trim in a miter box. Saved me allot of headache and mess in my garage too.

Here Is the stand and canopy, the doors were repurposed from a microwave cart at a yardsale. The frame is basic 2x4 with 3/4" sanded plywood. I stained it all in a weekend and it turned out pretty good. I especially like that it us the exact size for my tank and I was able to build the inside to hold tools, and a qt tank.

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