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Check my thread; my first reef tank. It has all the progress shots on my DIY light hood, I used led rope light coiled at the top for moonlights, the effect is awesome and only cost me 16 bucks!
There are plenty of plans online for stands and hoods. I basically used them as a starting point, but in the end I basically designed it as I went. I started with lumber that was cut to fit my dimensions, with a half inch of play. I had to trim a few pieces and sand some other pieces, but it turned out to be better that cutting the wood to fit exactly. The extra half inch came in handy.
I've seen allot of videos on making DIY live rock. Looks really cool, I'll probly try it soon, after we move to a bigger place I wanna get a bigger tank.
For this tank I bought two pieces at my lfs, and I picked up 30# from craigslist. Really sweet deal. I saw the guys tank and it all looked great. I had the rock in my 36g with just damselfish for a month before I setup the 50g. I had some hitchhikers, but there were good ones, couple of tiny stars, two little brittle stars, and a handful of snails and crabs, the piece I bought at petco came with a worm ;-(. But thankfully I was able to isolate him in the small tank Before I added it to the big one. I add red sea coraline grow about twice a week and the rocks are finally picking up the algea from the lfs seed rock. I heard the DIY live rocks take a few months to cure...
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