Keeping up alkalinity.

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Feb 29, 2004
Well, since my alk levels are fine, will I still need to add buffer every other week or so to keep up on the alk? Or will waterchanges help any? I just dont want to run out of alk builder and have my corals die.
Your alk shouldn't fall that quickly, how often do you water change? What is your alk now? Also it would be handy to know your PH level (& what time of day you took the reading) & also your calcium level as they are all interlinked

The best way to tell is to test the alk a couple of hours after a water change & then again just before you do the next water change & see how much its dropped, then you'll know whether a little buffer is required in between....

Cheers Shelton.
Every tank is different. You need to test and figure out how much your alk changes over a week or so and buffer accordingly. I would also test ca daily as the two go hand-in-hand.
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