Kent Extreme Garlic Pros and Cons?

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Jan 31, 2005
New York City
Question: Can adding Kent Extreme Garlic effect the eco system of my 90 gal reef set-up? Should I continue to add this product at feeding time, if my fish are healthy....Pros and Cons?? Wife thinks I'm over doing the tank by using this product!
I use it about once/twice a week. You only need to add a drop to your food and let it soak a while. It will strengthen your fish's immune system. I rotate it with zoe and selcon. It will not hurt your tank. Keep using it. (y)
Tell here that bottle will last you longer than that bottle of high dollar perfume she has, and it is cheaper. Just kidding. I do not want you sleeping out in the cold tonight. :lol:
Brenden :" My wife wants to ask you a Question? For a reef tank set up do you need more Blue light or white light? or no white light at all. Just blue.

I having a discussion with her and she thinks that I have too much white light for my 90 gal tank.
Corals do best in the 6500- 10k spectum range anything above that (blue) ie 14k and 20k is just more pleasing to the eye. I run 14k bulbs on my tank. In short corals need the "white" light the blue is for our pleasure.
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