Keys Rock or Gulf Rock....that is the question

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May 24, 2004
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Gonna buy some from LR.COM for the first time since everybody loves it on here. From the pictures on their site I actually like the look of the gulf rock better but it seems most prefer the Keys rock which costs more as well. For some reason I have this idea in my head that if it costs more its better. I know dumb idea. Anybody have any preferences and why?
Well I have Keys and Gulf from I personally like the Gulf rock better! In my tank, you couldnt tell the difference between the two unless someone told you which was which, also there was so much more life on the gulf rock. I would recommend getting the gulf rock and maybe add some keys rock later. How many pounds are you planning on getting?
I have the same dilemma, I just PM'ed Zack asking his opinion. I am thinking of getting, Gulf, Keys, and Coral to get more diversity.
I'd say Keys. My keys rock came with plenty of life, and it' was coated in coralline.
In 40lbs of LR I got something like 6-8 brittle stars alone!
All I can tell you is what I'm planning to do in my 90 gal. I'm going to get equal amounts of each (Gulf and Keys) and have two separate reefs. I think I might call my two reefs "Gulf Reef" and "Keys Reef". I'm so original! From all I've read here, diversity is a good thing.
The Gulf rock would also be my choice for the first order. If you want cheap Gulf rock, I could go to the Port Aransas Jetties and dig up some. I may actually do that for my large tank. that would mean I'd have to go diving and collecting. Oh no...twist my arm a little... :D :fadein:
Thanks everybody I guess I will do 30lbs of each to get started and see how it goes. This is my first try at SW, did months of reading, research, and lurking on here (Great site by the way but I guess you already know that). Purchased a 75gal bowfront (Yup I know I will need more than 60lbs of LR but figure it will be a good start) this week taking it slow and one step at a time, no big rush which goes against the grain of my personality i.e. instant gratification...but I can see patience is a virtue in this hobby.
as long as you fully cure future LR purchases, you can start with 60lbs in that 75, and just stock lightly until you have all the LR.

and FYI the rocks typically come fully cured, and put off little to no ammonia, so if you purchased more from them later on, you could add it to the main tank after curing it a few days (mainly as a precaution)
I went with 40 lbs of Keys, I hear that both are great in their own ways. unfortunatly I did not get any brittle stars on my rock, but the coraline growth was fantastic!!!

check out my gallery to see what it looks like.
I made up my mind, I ordered 30 pounds each of the Gulf, Keys and Coral for my 190 gallon, I will let you know how it went next week.
great!!! but be prepared. 60 lbs is nothing in a 190 gallon tank. I have a 37 gallon tank and 60 lbs is just about the right amount of rock for a tank that size.
perhaps you may want to consider some dry base rock as well. In a few months, it too will become live.

Thanks for the heads up, but I had already ordered base rock from I have 180 pounds already and it barely makes a dent. The tank looks soooo empty. I have another 120 pounds coming from hirocks and then the 90 from That will be almost 300 total. If that is not enough, my LFS has some verrrrry nice Tonga branch I was eyeing up (very pricey though).
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