For Sale: Kribensis breeding pair

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Jan 29, 2013
N. Illinois
I am selling my kribensis pair. They have successfully bred before. I am asking $18 for the pair plus shipping. Overnight shipping, no live guarantee.
Man I so want them but my wife would kill me if I spent $50 on a pair of fish I can get for 20 locally. Why does shipping have to be so expensive....
I understand that's the cost for fast shipping from Illinois to California. Overnight was like $90. I just don't want to lose any money on them
So just make it two day shipping and package them well with heat packs
Alright I got lucky! The female was just hanging out by the log and I had to wait for the male. Probably out since I just took fry from them yesterday


They are great breeders its so fun to watch them take care of the young. If they swim to far the mom will come pick them up and swim them back. I usually leave they fry in for a few days just to watch then I will take them and place them in another tank
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