LEDs replace reg flourecent lighting and create moonlight?

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May 5, 2003
Greenwood, SC
After some thought :idea: I was wondering if it is possible and beneficial to use regular LEDs for regular lighting... this is for a 45 gallon brackish tank with Java ferns (which need no hardcore lighting). I currently have a regular 36'' florecent on my tank, but am replacing the hood and the thought of using a couple of white LEDs to replace the old flourecent sounded good. Though not sure I think it would be cheaper in both parts and running it, it uses a lot less space, and probably doesn't run nearly as hot. The moonlights, blue LEDs could also be put in the middle with the white LEDs where it would be a bit easier to place them and stuff. what do you people think? Remember that I am not using the white LEDS for plant growth, just for tank lighting! Thanks again! :D - Heck is this works, I could even put Orange LEDs to mimick early morning :!:
There has been some experimentation with LED's for reef lighting. I think, at this point, the color temp wasn't right. It would also take quite a few of them to achieve the intensity needed. For a FW or a FO SW tank, I don't see any reason you couldn't use them.
This may sound like a semi-dumb question, but if I were to use 4 blue LEDs for moonlight, and about 5 white LEDs bulbs for the daylight... what resistors should I use on a 12 volt converter.. if that is what i should use in the first place?? Thanks!
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