light canopy issues

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Jan 25, 2004
pompano beach, FL
I'm making a new canopy since i purchased new light s for my 37gal. i bougt 4 65w compacts. how far off should i keep these from the top of the tank? also, do i really need a small fan if i leave the back completly open? thanks
I would put them 4-5 inches off the water surface. As for the fans I have two 3" variable speed and am adding 2 more to keep the temp in line. I have an open back as well.
I run 210w of PC on my 55 with attached fuge. I was getting big temperature swings even with an open back. I ended up raising the canopy up about a foot to keep things stable. So odds are with a tank that size you'll need fans.
2x96 watts over a 40gallon breeder here. Open backed...still had heat issues til I added a 4 inch fan in the front. The fan isn't pretty, but it keeps temps more stable
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