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I read somewhere that it is a good idea to have reflectors behind the light in your aquarium. I was thinking about putting foil behind the lights as my reflectors. I want as much light as I can get for my fish and plants. What do you think?

After you left chat, SerLunchBox noted that you should use heavy duty foil and lightly brush the plastic with water so the foil doesn't float down and hit the light causing a short. I thought I'd pass that along in case he doesn't see this thread.
I went down to the hobby shop and got a sheet of reflective material, then just used aquarium silicone to attach it to the back side of my fixture. I cut out all the shapes I needed to cover the entire inside of the fixture. Worked great. And more reflective than tin foil, IMO.
thanks! I am planning on doing that this week if I have time!!! Thanks soooo much! I just wanted more lighting for my plants and fishies!!
just a note.. they do make thin plastic mirors that would be cool for a project like this. :D

Hara has told me she just uses regular old foil over her floresent lights.. :D
the best reflective stuff is mylar. they make it in slightly thicker sheets than your typical mylar balloon uses.

just glue it down with a waterproof adhesive that can stand the slight temp increases around bulbs. aquarium silicone would work...spread it thin with something like a credit card.
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