lighting advice?

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Oct 30, 2003
what kinda of lighting would i need for a 55gal sw. i want to keep fish and some inverts, like zoo's mushrooms, polyps, xenia, stuff like that. i was looking at a 210w pc set up.
A 210w PC would work fine on a 55 gal. You would also be able to keep LPS corals.

I agree with Steve. What kind of fixture were you looking at? CSL makes a nice setup with moonlight that you might want to look into. It would have 65w bulbs in it so you'd actually have 260w.
thanks guys...........anyone know someone whos selling a setup like that used??? im kinda new to the hobby so i would like to save alil money here until i get better at it.
Not sure about a used one. You should check the sponsor forum for might be surprised what you can buy a new one for. For a used one...possibly place a request in the classifieds forum?
ahh just buy a 2x250w MH setup for about 190.00 shipped from Cool touch lighting on ebay and get 2 10k Xm MH bulbs from for about 65.00ea
and build yourself a canopy.. All and all With the lighting and bulbs without building a canopy you would be looking at about 320.00 shipped..

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