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Aug 29, 2004
Miami, Fla
Well I'm creating a new subject to answer a question I added at the bottom of another subject. The question was. I've heard lots of opinions on lights. I want to buy a one of these do it all light hoods for a fifty gallon reef tank with inverts and live rock. It has 2*65 watt day actinic light bulbs, and 2 moon lights. You can find it at

I personally don't think its enough, but I'm not good at installing things. Can you help me find an alternative system, with little or no assembly required.

Also I would like this to become a sticky as it is a common newbie problem. I've read some books and even they argue.
You're right, it's not really enough. I think you would be better going for atleast 4x65w on a 50 gal.. 4x96w would be even better and let you keep pretty much anything in there.
I told you, 50 gal rectangular 36" x 15" x 20". I want to keep fish, hermits, and shrimp. Some hardier ones.
seafan said:
I want to buy a one of these do it all light hoods for a fifty gallon reef tank with inverts and live rock.
Another question. If my tank is 36" long, and it recommends 24" lighting can I fit 36" lighting on it? Would it overlap?
I ran a 4x55 on my 75 gal and had no problems with softies, zoos and even a few LPS's. For inverts and softies, you should be fine with on a 50. If you think you would want more than go bigger for sure.
You are actually better off with a light that fits the dimensions of the tank. The 36" 2x96w would be a better choice than the 24" 2x65w that you may have been considering. The 4x96w that Atari mentioned would even allow for more diversity in your coral selection such as SPS and lower light clams. The only problem there is you may need to retrofit due to standard hoods for 4x96 being 48". The problem with PC lights (and most for that matter) is wherever the light leaves off there will be shaded areas making most of what you will be able to place in the tank relegated to nearer the center of the tank, especially if that is the only place where the bulbs overlap. With the bulbs (not just the hood) being nearer to the same length as the tank, you'll have less issues with coral placement.

Whichever you choose, just be sure there is sufficient light penetration in all areas of the tank. The lowest I would choose being a 4x65w though.

Thanks but if I ever feel like having really sensitive corals and bivalves I would probably buy a custom tank. I don't know how to maintain animals that are so fragile, believe me I've tried. I'm gonna start a new post to tell you what happened. :oops:
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