lighting and coral color

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Sep 8, 2003
Indiana USA
Hi all,

I have a 10 gal tank I set up with LS/LR from my 75 main tank. The 10 gal was set up to house frags from the main so I try to keep water parameters as similar as possible. CA run 420-450 and alk is 2.5-3 meg/l on both tanks. Specific gravity is 1.027 which is high but I have been lowering it slowly since getting my refractometer.

Display Lighting is 2x250 10k, 1 T5 50/50, 1 T5 actnic and the 10 gal lighting is 2x32 PC 50/50 bulbs.

I have some xenia, anthelia and zoos in both tanks and the display tank has a lot better color and growth. Antheila and xenia in the display is a tan or gray color and in the 10 gal, they are near white. I have some dark brown, yellow center zoos in the display and in the 10 gal they are almost a bland yellow skirt and they don't open as full.

Could this be my bulbs vs. water? Any thoughts?

I'm not sure but, maybe it's the positioning of the corals? The corals in your 75 are perhaps lower. The 10 doesn't give you alot of depth and maybe they are having trouble adjusting so close to the light and are stressed and bleaching. Just a thought.
I had considered that but I figured the MH's would still be more intense. Maybe I will try and build a rock shelf. I know the shrooms I have in the tank don't open as much either. The shrooms in my display have to be put in the back corners.

Thanks for the input.
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