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Nov 14, 2003
I live in so. Cal and it's summer. My tank got to 90 deg. F the other day. I have two 96W Blue Actinic and one 250W MH 10k. My MH is about ready to be replaced, but was wondering if I shouldn't just go with a different light source all together. The MH is a huge heat source. I have 2 Ice Cap variable speed fans, and my canopy is open in the back. I know this is an open ended question, but what type of lighting has the closest intensity to MH?

I like the crispness of the MH, just not the heat. I currently have all softies except for Torch and Candy. I would like however to venture into the SPS though. So my new lighting would need to accomodate this need (want/desire)

Sad news is there isn't one that I've found. Some say T5, but it's not as intense and you won't get the depth. PCs are probably next in line, but they're no MH. I'm going the other way to MH from PCs for the depth intensity and shimmer.
I'm not too worried about depth, I just like the crispness and shimmer you noted. Looks like I need a chiller or new lighting regardless. I don't know how long my tank will handle the mid-high 80's. This is the second summer I've had the tank up for,but last year wasn't this bad. I'vealready changed my timer to late evening cycles.

BTW, Can I use my 250 elec. start MH ballast for anything else? Or do I now have a balast for a new fuge?!

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