lighting fixture sizing prob

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Jan 23, 2005
hey, i want to a better lighting fixture, but it seems like the closest i can get to matching my aquarium is the 24" x 15" one . my aquarium is 29"x11" 1/2 (pretty sure) its a 29 gallon i think or 30 not sure of the difference. But is there any way i can use a smaller fixture and use it on my aquarium somehow? i dont want a canopy, i want it closed. any suggestions?
I am not sure I understand your question. You say you want a smaller fixture but also say you want the tank "closed". PS. offers the same light cheaper Darin also offers AA members a 6% discount.

Im just sayin that i want a fixture that has everything in it (metal halide, moon lights, and actinic pc ) that will fit my tank. fixtures always come in 36 inch or 24 inch. never 30. should i get a wood cover?
its hard to find one to fit your tank with MH included. I have the same problem. You pretty much have to go with CF (satelite fixutre) or a hanging type fixture. Pretty much SOL on what your really wanting. I would think 29gallons would be very popular size tanks and thus having alot of products, but I guess not.
Have you checked out the Coralife fixtures. You can find them at Drs Foster & Smith, here...
I use the 36 inch on my 46 gal and it works great. You can adjust the spacing of the mounting legs to accomodate the length of the tank. I think they can extend 2 inches beyond the end of the fixture at each end.
Hope this helps.
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