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Mar 12, 2023
Do you have any advice you can share about purchasing a new light? I purchased a Twinstar light 60B for my 30 gallon tank but it's a little shorter than I wanted because the store didn't have the right size. It does fit my 30 inch, 30 gallon tank, but the ends have little light because the light itself does not extend to either end of the aquarium. It's short by about 3 inches on either end.
The plants are fine, but I should purchase the right fit. Any recommendations. The tank has what some would consider a medium plant setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Can you return the current light and order in the correct size for the tank?

If most of the tank is receiving light, the plants should be fine.

Yes, I just called and they will take it back. Thanks. When I reached out for info I hadn't heard back from the store. Thanks for your reply.
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