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Apr 19, 2009
i got a good deal on a 50 or 55 gal hexagon tank. Now i know this isssues i can have with lighting and i am looking to over come these. What if any would be the best light wattage to go with or lights. i am looking at 2 150W HQI right now. I hoped in my over all plan i could set up the coral yes coral in a hexagon in a fashion to get this light and at different depths. So is the dream to far out there, should i go with brighter lights or cancel the dream, or put it near a window

Thanks michael

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I'm guessing this is taller then it is wide? I'm not sure if the 150s will get the light deep enough to keep corals near the bottom of the tank. (again if it is really tall) You may have to keep all your light demanding corals towards the top of the rock structure.
a little over 2 foot tall did the measurments on the hexagon 6 sides, 13" each
You may be ok with the dual 150w HQI, and you could supplement with some T5s to get a little more light as well as some actinic in the tank.
I have a 100g hex. I have cfl lights, 1 dual tube 55w 10000k and 1 dual tube actinic 55w. I have (soft) corals and they are doing well. I have, so far, 1 Hammer with 5 heads, 5 zenia frags that are growing like mad and several tree corals. The tank is 3 ft tall and 25" on each side.
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