Too much Potassium??

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Aug 19, 2023
So ive been having some plant problems, seems like a lack of nutrients for sure, yellow wilting, no new growth hardly ever. Holes in leaves, all that stuff. im still trying to figure it all out but ive been dosing NilocG ferts and root tabs but in addition to my problems ive added seachem potassium which helped for a couple weeks, instantly new growth in anubias plants/ java fern and less holes in other of my plants but not to the point id say is any success. still have all the same problems but slightly less. I have a hyyger light that i have on the 24/7 set up also. ive thought of next perhaps trying some sort of seachem phosphate maybe not sure yet though. i first want to fix the following problem.

The weird problem i have now is that my water has sort of gone a cloudy white tint to it instead of crystal clear. i cleaned out my canister filter that was long overdue hoping it would fix it but hasn't, not sure if excess potassium can have that type of problem to water? i have no algae of any sort just a cloudy white tint. could perhaps be a bacterial bloom? i know with adding ferts i messed up alot, i measured nitrate and it kept measuring like 10-20 even after adding many pumps of fert. turns out i needed to shake the api test bottle way more and then i measured and nitrates were beyond maxed out on api test. been slowly getting it down but still way to high. not sure if high nitrates for along time can cause bacterial blooms.
thanks for any tips or guidance
Maybe pictures would help, but it sounds like you are putting enough fertilizer in. Are you injecting CO2? What are your “other” plants?

As for cloudiness, I have found that leaving the tank alone and letting nature take its course usually works over time. Sometimes we “overfix” things.
ah it worked itself out i wasn't reading in the right places, was just sort of an bacteria bloom or watever from excess nitrates maybe. another week and it was all gone
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