Limewater / Kalkwasser

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Aug 7, 2011
I am starting to use limewater for my tank. J have a 10g nano reef.
I am using a Gatorade bottle with a fill volume of 500ml
Can someone suggest a good mix ratio for ca(ho)2 / pickling lime and vinegar ( acetic acid)?
Also I am dripping at one drop/10 sec just incase I screwed the mix up.
All I can say is be very careful with kalk!!! You can crash you tank and lose everything if you add to much! I use to use it and after a friend of mine crashed his 280g reef because his float valvue stuck open I stopped using it! I will and I won't take the chance my self! Just be careful! It will also raise your dkh very high if not careful as well! There are alot of people that have great success with it but it's not for me!
Good luck
I got quite a few sps and a lot of coral in general. Also I was looking for a way to stabilize my waterchemistry, using kalk is rather easy and promising.
I have a manual drip system with a flow valve that I turned down.
Everything's looking good so far but I'm looking for an experienced opinion on a good way to mix it.
Using kalk is far from easy.....and with such a small system very easy to overdose. A drip is very inconsistent and WILL get clogged.
Mixing 2 tablespoons of kalk with 1 gal of water makes a saturated kalk mixture. Next you have to figure out how much calcium is consumed daily by your corals. Test everyday for a week and see how much your calcium and alk drops in that amount of time. Then you have to figure out how much to allow be dripped each day...and watch it every day because it WILL get clogged.

Chemistry And The Aquarium: How To Select A Calcium And Alkalinity Supplementation Scheme — Advanced Aquarist's Online Magazine
I Am aware and I have read the article multiple times.
How much vinegar and picklin lime in a 500ml bottle?
ccCapt said:
What Your Grandmother Never Told You About Lime by Randy Holmes-Farley -
"three level teaspoons of solid lime per gallon of limewater, and 45 ml of vinegar per gallon of limewater."

Break that down into ml and figure it out yourself.

Best link I've seen sofar on the topic. If you understand chemical equilibria, some organic and differential equations well and are careful to watch the drip system it is easy to add limewater to a 10gallon. If not don't try without help. I will update soon. Sofar I am very successful. Water values a re stabilizing nicely. All corals seem to appear to be open more fully.
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