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Dec 23, 2003
Nebraska, USA
I have no time for the hobby. Therefore I have plenty of stuff to get rid of.

Not looking to ship, so local pickup only please.

Main items to get rid of (vs throwing away or giving to the LFS)

one Filstar XP2
one Filstar XP3 (both are very used, but fully operational, and I have all the intake/outtake fittings, plus some extra fittings)

Several AquaClear HOB filters (at least two Mini's, and a few mid-sized ones ideal for 20-30gal tanks)

20 gal tank plus black stand

two 55w CF lighting fixtures, with mounting legs (good for 20gal tanks w/ plants)

a Milwaukee all-in-one CO2 regulator/solenoid, w/ bubble counter (Tony, do you want this?)

A few different CO2 diffusers, one is powered.

And lastly, a 75 gallon tank plus stand. I have light fixtures and ballasts for it (2 ballasts that run two 55 watt CF bulbs each, this was a high light planted tank).

When I get that tank drained, I'll have a lot of flourite to get rid of too.

Send all inquiries to M A L K O R E at G M A I L dot C O M (sorry, trying to avoid spam bots) and tell me what you want. I'm not looking to make a lotta money, I just need this stuff GONE.
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