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Jan 2, 2008
Naperville Il
Hello!! I have a question. Right now i have two external pumps in my 90 gal tank. One for filtration another for circulation. They are Gen-X,PCX-40,1190GPH. They are 9 months old and getting louder and louder. Im thinking about changing the circulatin pump for submersible MAG12-1200GPH.I hope submersible pomp will be less noise. Right? But can i do that? Right now my circulation pump takes water from tank thru bulkhead and 1 inch flex hose and pomps thru chiller(1/4 oceanic) and UV sterilizer(Gamma,25 Watt) and back thru 1 inch hose to the tank.So the change would be just to take the pomp (new MAG 12) and put her in the sump and reconnect everything.The pump will be in the sump.but water going thru pump will be from 1 inch hose not directly from sump.Is that still O.K? Thanks!!!!
The in sump pump may add to the heat in your tank. IMO I would use a tee on the return line and a valve to control flow through chiller and UV. Or use a smaller pump as the flow rate for the UV is pretty slow. Have you tried cleaning your pumps?
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I have the same pump. The only noise mine makes is the sound of air from the fan at the end. What kind of noise is yours making?
It is a "hummming(hmmmmmmmm)" noise going thru pipes and carries thru the whole house. It is the constant noise. My bedroom is on the second floor above the tank and i still can hear it. Drives me crazy!!!:confused:
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