live rock for nanos

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i have a 24g aqua pod with about 35lbs of live rock in the main display. i know some people think the best filration is live rock. would it be cool to have just my 2 maxi jet900's running and leave it at that? i dont have fish. just my 35#'s of live rock. i had 16# in there for about 1 year with no fish. waiting for my water to muture well. now i just added more live rock today. and going to wait for the die off to do its thing. probley wait a few months then add some fish and coral.
let me know what think pls.
Sounds good to me! All I use in my tank is liverock, powerheads, and a skimmer. I like skimmers, some people don't use them on small tanks, it's all preference. Only other suggestion I'd make would be to get a skimmer. Else, sounds like you are on the right track in my opinion.
Sounds good to me too. I'll tell you, you have some serious patience!
I run stictly power heads on my 10 gallon, and live rock

I am upgrading to a 29 gallon right now, of course that calls for more liverock and more powerhead power. prolly gonna just buy 2 new powerheads, much larger ones, and use the PHs from my 10 gallon on other tanks.

However, on the 29 gallon, I will be buyinga skimmer for it, and eventually, will star workin on a HOB refugium....basically nothing mor than a modified HOB filter
That is a great idea. I recommend taking it a step further and filling your filtration compartments with LR rubble as well. In a nano, you need all of the odds stacked in your favor.
thanks alot guys i will do. i just got my lr today and put it in. i added it all to my mian display till it all dieds off and the spike is gone. then i will brake down the peices i dont want and add to the filter system. i take it u want me to get rid of my nitrate spungs(pre filter pads) also right?
the only think in the filter will be LR and a bag of chem-pure. is this correcrt?
the LR and rubble will be your main source of biological filtration. Before you break apart your LR, check to see is any LFS will give you any LR rubble from the bottom of the shipping boxes or curing tanks. Using a PURA filtration pad and chemi-pure is a very goos source of mechabnical and chemical filtration
cool never though of that. but my LFS is not so local. lol but i give them a call tomarrow and see if they have any for when i go to town this week end. i dont want to have to cycle my tank 2 more times. but its ok slow and steady keep the fish alive. though i dont have any fish ;(
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