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Mar 12, 2012
Millfield, Ohio
Five days ago I bought 19 pounds of live rock to add to my base rock.This rock I purchased was never cycled so the man said I cant add it to an established tank but my tank is brand new with no living creatures in it so I bought it and placed it in the tank. I am new to the fish scene so I asked the man at my LFS when I should start testing for ammonia. He said 5 days. So today is the day I am going to test my water. Can't wait to get home to do it but at the same time I fear something is going to be wrong. Is it possible to buy live rock and there be nothing on it to produce an ammonia reading?
If it was out of water for any amount of time there should be some die off and at least a slight ammonia spike. I'd test it asap and see what you get. :)
Ok carey I came home and tested it tonight and these are the readings I got. Ammonia .25 Nitrite .75. And nitrate was 10. Do these readings sound right? I was under the impression that when I first tested I would only have ammonia and nothing else. Thanks in advance
Your rock still have bacteria to convert ammonia to nitrIte. Ok to add a few drops of ammonia if necessary.
Terrance I really dont understand if you are asking me if my rock still has bacteria to convert ammonia to nitrite or if you are telling me it still does. How do I know if it is necessary to add drops of ammonia?
Im telling you the rocks have some of the necessary bacteria, but not enough. Sometimes there is not enough dead stuff coming off the rocks to create ammonia. If ammonia reads 0 for a few days and you still have nitrite reading, then add a few drops of ammonia is acceptable.
After 11 days of having the live rock in my tank the readings are at, Ammonia has stayed at .25 through all three readings. Nitrite is now between 0 & .25 which is down from the .75 that was the first reading. Nitrate has went from 10 to 20 ppm. I dont feel like anything is happening with the cycle. Really confused as to what to do. About to throw a raw shirmp or just get me a fish to cycle with.
Your tank is still cycling As long as you still have ammonia or nitrite reading. When you get fish for your tank, add them slowly. This gives you time to QT each of your fish.
since this was uncured LR, this could take a bit. it took my uncured 15 lbs about 6 weeks to fully be ready to go.
Thanks everyone, This is my first time with an aquarium. I really dont know if things are going as scheduled or not. Always nice to be reassured by members that things are still okay.
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