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Feb 26, 2011
Carson City Nevada
Ok so my question is.....after the tank is cycled and somewhat established, is there an issue with adding more LR at a later date? Do I need to worry about another cycle starting? I am planning on buying cured LR FYI. Thanks!
Depends on the rock as to whether it is already cured and free of decaying organisms. Make up a batch if SW in another container and put the new rock in and test for ammonia.
If it comes in the mail, I'd be sure and test it first. That's a lot if new rock. Test it at 24 hours. After 48 and no ammonia, I'd add it. Keep a small powerhead in the test tub for oxygen.
What if you want to add a couple of extra lbs? Can U put it straight in or should u still mix up some salt water and test it after a couple of days. I was planning on buying cured LR from LFS
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