live sand?

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Sep 23, 2004
washington pa.
i was at petco the other day and i saw a bag of live sand on sale 25# (i think)
has anyone tyied this stuff ?
is it good?
is it worth the cash? :?
quarry shark i got some golden beach sand from busy beaver up here in pa.
it says it is flame sterilized ,washed, with no chemicals or asbestos.
do u think it's ok?
been out of the hobby for about 5 yrs
What you are looking for is all the things you said plus a non-silicate.

Although some say it's ok, and use regular play sand, I dont have enough experience to advise you either way. I do know that you want a non-silicate based sand. :wink:
revhtree i know about that but
it's the only thing i can get up here
that and quickcreete play sand -
but i know to stay away from that since it has silicates in it
i cant find south down tropical play sand at hd or lowes where i live
and i'm on a tight budget so the reef sand at my local fish store is too expensive for me right now.
it saya its fordecorative and utility purposes.

thanks for the info
also thanks for the info also quarryshark :)
Check with the LFS for dry marine sand. I could not get any tropcal playsand around here either. But one of my LFS's has #25 for about $12. Better than nothing.
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